Hilda Baci awards 3 top cooking class students with brand new car, iPhone 14 Plus, and 1 million naira cheque

Celebrity chef, Hilda Baci has awarded her top three students from her cooking class with a brand new car, a new iPhone 14 Plus, and 1 million naira cash.

In several viral videos on social media, the celebrity chef is seen in each video during the award presentation with her students.

Celebrity chef, Hilda Baci.

This comes several weeks after the celebrity chef organized a cooking class with a fixed registration fee.

The class aimed to teach young Nigerians how to prepare unique dishes and culminated in an award ceremony for the top three individuals.

In the attached video below, the celebrity chef is seen presenting a one-million-naira cheque to one student, a brand-new car to another, while in a separate video, one of her students proudly displays the brand-new iPhone 14 Plus she received.

The award presentation has garnered attention from many individuals who have flooded the comments section to share their observations.

See some reactions below: 

Be_you_ti_ful Onyinye: “‎Car no too expensive o, na me no get money…. May the car Favour her.”

Oma: “‎This is huge congratulations to her.”

Ah_Mariee: “‎Hilda is not only training women but empowering them. Very nice. Posterity will be kind to her.”

It’s_kaffi: “‎Which kind last 35k the assignments alone self I beg some of us still get sense.”

Jenny: “‎God in the making y’all hold God ooh serve him with everything in you.”

Praizee23: “‎Make I tap into ur grace cus this iPhone X don tire for me.”

favourite: “‎congratulations oo. my own will b 4 years by January 2nd.”

Iseoluwa Tijesuni: “‎Congratulations..I tap into your grace..na rubber band I use hold my own.”

thrift_bybella: “‎congrats 🥰 this is how i will cry if i change my phone too.”


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