$1m and Weapons in Suitcase: IDF Unveils What It Found at Hamas Leader’s Luxury Home

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) announced on Monday that it had discovered some five million Israeli New Shekels (around £1m) and a cache of weapons in the house of a senior Hamas member in Jabalia, northern Gaza.



The IDF released images of the money packed in suitcases, as well as rifles, grenades, and rocket launchers found inside the house.

It said the money was part of the “terrorist funds” that Hamas uses to finance its attacks on Israel and its civilians.

According to Sky News, The house raid was part of the IDF’s ongoing ground operation in Gaza, which aims to destroy Hamas’s infrastructure and capabilities. The IDF said it had completed the encirclement of the Jabalia refugee camp and was currently operating in the area to locate and eliminate Hamas operatives and assets.


According to the IDF, the 162nd Division and the Navy’s Shayetet 13 commando unit also raided Hamas’s general security headquarters in Jabalia, where they found 35 tunnel shafts leading to Hamas’s underground network.

In addition, the IDF took control of Hamas’s parliament building, its government complex, and its police headquarters in Gaza City.


The IDF’s advancements in Gaza come after Hamas’s October 7 attack that killed more than 1,200 people, mostly Israeli civilians, and took around 240 hostages. Hamas has continued to fire rockets at Israeli communities, despite the IDF’s efforts to stop them.

The White House has warned Israel against carrying out an all-out offensive in southern Gaza until it finds a way to avoid harming the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who fled there at Israel’s direction.

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