Why Mohbad’s case is inconclusive, but not closed – Sanwo Olu

Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has stated why Mohbad’s case is inconclusive but not closed.

He stated this while replying to a  journalist who pleaded for the governor to take up the matter, as Mohbad was his son.

She narrated how citizens were really keen on knowing the culprits responsible for Mohbad’s death, pointing fingers at some people who travelled out of the country at first but later returned to the country, but after a month of investigation , they were bailed and declared not guilty of any crime.

The journalist said, ”If there was a huge outcry in Nigeria and the diaspora at the time, and people were almost calling for the heads of these people, which was going around all over social media that they were involved in this crime when Mohbad died.

Eventually, they were returned from other countries, and the investigation was conducted for a month. And we were told they were on bail as they were not found guilty.

After a month, the same people hit social media, flaunting themselves, holding their phones, and saying something like ”opor! opor!!” To me it’s a way of bragging.”

She also recalled how the governor gave her his promise three years ago on Sylvester Omoni’s case that they were working on it, but as it is, the case is as good as dead.

Governor Sanwo-Olu replied to that by saying,” There are no emotions, it’s not emotional; people get killed, we see it every day; I don’t go to bed until 5 am.

We will do the job and do it well; Mohbad’s case is still alive; the police are here, we keep treating it, and they had to take the forensic out. The forensic that we built, which is the best in the sub-Sahara campus; it was burnt down during endsars.

We had to take the tests out; they’ve done all their reports. It’s until the result is back, that we can link the two together. There are people in detention as we speak; they have not been released. Let’s give a little credit when it is necessary.”


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