I Get Money And Gifts For Being Beautiful – Peju Johnson

An actress, Peju Johnson, has said that beauty privilege exists and she has received gifts and money for being beautiful.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, she said; “Beauty privilege does exist. I have actually received gifts and money, just for being beautiful.”

Asked if she supports splitting bills in a marriage, Johnson said; “Splitting bills (in a marriage) is not a good idea.

A man is the head and should be capable of taking care of his home. But, that does not mean I cannot support my man. I am a very supportive woman.

However, supporting one’s man is different from splitting bills. I will still have to cook, clean and take care of the home.

Then, I will be splitting bills? It’s his job to take care of us, while I take care of the home and kids.”

The actress also stated that though she has been appearing in skits in recent times, she does not intend to do it full time. According to her, it will always be a ‘part-time thing’.

She also opined that women rocking natural hair is not good for outdoor outings. She said; “I have a good, long and healthy natural hair; yet, I wear wigs.

Natural hair is for home and basic outings. I don’t think rocking one’s natural hair for serious events is a good idea.”

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