“I’m worried about my 17-year-old son, he has 6 kids with different girls” – Mother reports son, seeks advice

A worried mother has come online to seek advice over 17-year-old son who has 6 kids from different mothers, as she narrates her complicated family drama.

The mother made the report in a post on a Facebook relationship platform.

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She revealed that she’s usually too busy to be at home to monitor the activities of her 17-year-old son.

As a result, the boy had taken to having intimate encounters with several girls which has resulted to 6 pregnancies.

She worries that her son might become a father of so many babies as she seeks advice on how to deal with her problem.

Her words read …

“Please hide me. I’m very worried about my son. He’s only 17 but he has 6 kids from different mothers, all of them are in high school. I heard there’s another one pregnant. I work far from home, so he’s left with our helper during the week. I only go home on weekends. He does as he pleases when I’m at work. His school work is shining, I’m not complaining about that. I have fears that by the time he turns 30 he’ll be the father of a full bus or sick. I have had a chat with him but nothing came out of it. What must I do?”

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