Woman sheds tears as she welcomes baby after years of battle with PCOS

A young Nigerian woman who struggled with childbirth expresses overwhelming joy as she welcomes her baby after years of struggle with a hormone problem, PCOS.

A Tiktok user identified as @theeblkbradshaw took to the platform to narrate how she almost lost hope after being told she may never have a child.

After many nights of tears and prayer, her prayers were answered and she welcomed a beautiful baby girl whose smile is as bright as sunshine.

Sharing the video, she wrote, “Doctors: You have PCOS so becoming and staying pregnant can be tough.”

Many battling the same condition have since been inspired as they flood her page to quiz on the medical approach taken to have her baby.

Reactions as woman with PCOS welcomes baby

prettystone86 said: “Crazy cause my doctor never told me that. They said it might be difficult gettin pregnant been having Pcos since my 1st at 37 now.”

guardian_angel1998 reacted: “I literally just found out I may have been developing PCOS for the last 2 years. I go see a gyno to confirm.”

unique_blessing_chioma commented: “Pls tell us your process, it will be helpful alot of people with pcos.”

squarepeajam said: “I’ve got insulin resistance PCOS and currently 3 weeks 4 days pregnant with my first. So scared it’ll just end.” 

Watched the video below …


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