How Brila FM Rejected My Songs, Called Me ‘Buffoon’, 9ice ‘Babalawo’ – Reminisce


Nigerian rapper Reminisce recently disclosed his initial struggles in the music industry during a Q&A session with Zikoko.

He shared a story about encountering rejection at Brila FM, a popular radio station, where he and singer 9ice attempted to promote their CDs.

During their visit, the team at Brila FM, responsible for reviewing their music, dismissed their work primarily due to the heavy use of the Yoruba language.

According to Reminisce, they were harshly told that their careers in music were not viable and suggested they seek other paths in life.

In a startling revelation, Reminisce mentioned that he was criticized for rapping like a “buffoon” while 9ice was compared to a “babalawo,” a traditional healer in Yorubaland.

“The first one was Brila FM. It was me with 9ice. We went to submit our CDs. And when we got there, they would listen first and come and give us feedback,” Reminisce recalled.

“So, when they listened, they told 9ice, ‘you can not even make it. You are babalawo. You are singing like a herbalist’.”

Reminisce expressed how this rejection affected him deeply, sharing that it was a major setback in his music career.

He even recounted how he and 9ice contemplated the eight-floor descent after facing such discouragement.

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