Why I converted to Islam – Actress Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe-Adeoti

Nollywood star Mercy Aigbe has shared insights about her marriage with movie marketer Kazim Adeoti, whom she deeply admired.

Speaking on TVC’s ‘Your View,’ she expressed how her affection for her husband led her to reconsider her religious beliefs.

Mercy emphasized the strong bond they had as friends and how she sensed an intuitive certainty that Kazim was the ideal partner for her.

She confessed to being someone who values love immensely, highlighting the challenges she faced, asserting that few would endure what she did.

Mercy also acknowledged her husband’s first wife, affirming that her affection extends to include her as well.

“I love my husband, I love my husband so very much. I don’t think any woman would have gone through what I went through. It’s is love for did that for me. It is because of love I did what I did. I am such a lover girl, I love love.

I decided to change my religion because of the love I have for my husband. I am a 45 years old woman”.

Love came calling, I loved what we shared as friends, and I could feel it in my guts that this was the right person to be with.

I changed my religion because I love my husband. There is enough love to share with the first wife”.

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