ASV 1-0 ARS: 2 players responsible for Arsenal’s disappointing loss to Aston Villa

Arsenal suffered a major setback in the Premier League title race tonight as they were defeated by Aston Villa at the Villa Park. A goal was the difference between both sides as John McGinn scored a goal in the 7th minute to ensure his side bagged all three points at their home stadium. The Gunners didn’t play badly but Aston Villa did well to hold their ground and prevent them from getting at least a point.

Well, below are two players who were responsible for Arsenal’s loss tonight ;



Gabriel Martinelli.

The Brazilian forward failed to be clinical tonight as he missed several chances that could have spearheaded the Gunners to an away win.


The Ukrainian International didn’t play badly tonight but that doesn’t change the fact he was responsible for the goal that was scored to beat Arsenal.

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