“I prayed to God to make me a billionaire but I didn’t specify the currency” Mary Njoku laments, sends message to future billionaires

Nollywood actress, Mary Remmy Njoku has sent a message to future billionaires, alerting them against making the same mistake as she.

She revealed that for years, she asked God to make her a billionaire but she didn’t specify the currency. Though, she believes it’s not too late, she pointed out how many are billionaires in Ugandan shillings.

Using herself as an example, she warned future billionaires to avoid repeating such and be specific when praying to God.

She went on to lament over how many millionaires can’t even love a comfortable lifestyle because of the country’s economy.

“For years I prayed to God to make me a Billionaire. But I forgot to specify the currency. Well, it’s not too late Sha!

Dear fellow future Billionaires, don’t make the same mistake, be specific when you’re communicating with your heavenly Provider.

Cos some of us na Billionaires in Ugandan Shillings”.

She captioned her post with, “These days even millionaires in naira cannot live a very comfortable life”.

Mary Njoku sends message to future billionaires

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