Cute Abiola finally reacts, 9 months after alleged affair with Biodun Okeowo ‘Omoborty’ went viral

Cute Abiola revisits ‘affair’ with Biodun Okeowo ‘Omoborty’, addresses leaked chat, kinky photo


Nigerian skit-maker cum politician, Abdulgafar Ahmed Abiola also known as Cute Abiola has finally addressed a rumour about an affair with actress Biodun Okeowo, popularly known as Omoborty.

The duo fueled dating rumours earlier in 2023 after a leaked romantic chat believed to be that of Abiola and Omoborty went viral. Omoborty was heavily criticised by many who accused her of dating the married skit maker despite their age difference.

Gossip blog, Gistlover, also alleged that Cute Abiola has been having issues with his wife over consistent infidelity with the ladies he features in his comedy skit.

Omoborty, however, debunked the allegations in an Instagram live session earlier in March. She said the lies lingered on because many mistook her silence for guilt.

She made a live broadcast and stated that she was speaking out because of her man and her children. While holding a Bible, Biodun set the record straight over the alleged affair with the skit maker.

Cute Abiola in an interview with actress, Debbie Shokoya uploaded via Instagram some hours ago, also debunked rumours about the affair, adding that they only worked together.

He claimed the photo they took during the production of a skit was was brought about the rumour.

Biodun okeowo and Cute Abiola

Cute Abiola said:

“The thing is that we just made a content together so, that content the way we took pictures in that content, I was holding her back like her waist.”

Addressing the leaked chat, the skit maker added:

“That was not real, her picture was not in the chat, the name was covered, for what? So I didn’t know how that actually came up. So that time she felt so bad about it, and I felt so bad too because I never wanted to see her go through that stuff and that time she was so pained to the point that we stopped talking to each other.

“I will not just talk because the more I talk, the more I put more fire. I kept silent, I was just looking. I didn’t talk, doesn’t mean I did it but who are you on the internet that I have to explain to you.”

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