“It is not my fault,” Mohbad’s cousin, Darosha, explains how Mohbad’s neck got bent

"I need to clear the story that I bent Mohbad's neck in the coffin"- Mohbad's cousin Darosha speaks

Mohbad’s cousin, Darosha, has come forward to address the controversy surrounding the reason why Mohbad’s neck was bent in his coffin.

The act sparked widespread speculation and accusations that Darosha was responsible for bending Mohbad’s neck.

In a statement, Darosha vehemently denied any involvement in the incident, stating, “I need to clear the story that I bent Mohbad’s neck in the coffin”.

Darosha explained that when he and Mohbad’s family got to Ikorodu, there was no place to keep Mohbad’s body at the mortuary,and there was no plan to bury him that night, so someone advised the family to get an ambulance and a coffin where he could be kept until the next day.

He further revealed everything happened at night, and nobody noticed the coffin was too small to put the late Mohbad , when they all noticed itel was too late to carry out any other action since they was already taking him to bury.

In his words,”I need to clear the story that I bent Mohbad’s neck in the coffin. On the day he passed away, when we got to Ikorodu, there was no place to keep his body at the mortuary and we didn’t want to bury him at night so a worker there advised the family to pay for an ambulance and a Coffin where we can keep him till morning and that the same ambulance would drive him down to the burial site. I paid for the coffin and ambulance.

It was late so I didn’t know the coffin was small. In the morning, the whole family saw his body in the ambulance before heading to the burial ground and no one complained about his head. I was in shock so I didn’t go close to the ambulance. It was later I started seeing pictures of his bent neck online and that saddened me. I discovered that where he was buried was not nice so I sent N1million to the dad to put a fence in the graveyard and I sent the remaining money with me to his brother. I was the first person that went to Panti for questioning. God will judge everyone tarnishing my image.

I did local embalming by putting a salt on his chest when he passed just to keep the body fresh. Concerning his music catalogues, he has a lawyer that is controlling that. To those saying I drive his car around, I have my own car. His car is parked in front of his house. If we really want justice, let us wait for Autopsy and stop bashing his loved ones so we don’t get depressed”.

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