Georgina Rodriguez and Stepson Mateo, 5, Experience VIP Treatment at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Georgina Rodriguez, accompanied by her five-year-old stepson Mateo, indulged in an exclusive VIP experience at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix over the weekend.

In a delightful display of family bonding, the stunning model shared glimpses of their memorable day at the Yas Marina Circuit on her Instagram profile.

Georgina exuded elegance in a chic strapless denim dress paired with a complementing pale blue sweater gracefully draped over her shoulders.

While Georgina radiated style and sophistication, young Mateo reveled in the thrilling atmosphere of the Formula 1 event, embracing the excitement and joy the day had to offer.

The VIP outing not only showcased Georgina’s fashionable flair but also captured the heartwarming moments shared between her and Mateo, creating lasting memories amid the high-octane setting of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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