Pregnant woman causes buzz as she collects money from husband for antenatal, goes to restaurant to eat food Instead

A pregnant woman has caused a serious buzz online after a video surfaced of her dining at a restaurant instead of going to the hospital forantenatal care, purportedly having received money from her husband.

The video, shared by @otweytwey, captures the pregnant woman reveling in the moment as she enjoys fried chicken and jollof rice at a public eatery.

In a carefree manner, she can be seen dancing and savoring her meal, all while disclosing that she had received money from her husband specifically earmarked for antenatal care.

“Today na shutdown! Make nobody tag my husband oo. I don collect money from my husband say I dey go antenatal,” the video caption read.

According to the woman in the video, she was initially slated to visit the hospital for routine antenatal checkups.

However, she decided to deviate from the norm, opting for an undisturbed day of enjoyment instead.

The footage has triggered a wave of responses, particularly from other women who relate to the unconventional approach to pregnancy.

Netizens Reactions…

@Peace Pearl 40 said; “Pregnancy period nah cash out period.”

@EFYA GAL PAL said; “My flat tummy is someone’s pregnancy.”

@QueenEmerald said; “I just delivered my first baby Sunday. All thanks to God it’s not an easy journey.”

@ann-exodus said: “I can’t wait to get pregnant so I can collect my own antenatal fee.”

@Sandy commented; “I just recalled my friend she will tell her husband almost every day that she is going for Antenatal and end up hiding in my house.”

@nellycasey20 said; “I envy people that eat very well during pregnancy. I no Dey near meat of any kind not to talk of jellof rice.” 

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