We’re heavy spenders’- Patience Ozokwo reveals why actors beg on sick bed

Patience Ozokwor 1
Patience Ozokwo

Veteran Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwo has provided an explanation for why some entertainers choose to turn to beg when they are ill and unable of helping themselves.

The veteran claims that while they are working and making a good living, many stars have to spend a lot of money to preserve their celebrity status due to the expensive lifestyle that the public demands of them.

Patience Ozokwo said that many people do not help actors because they believe they are wealthy based solely on what they wear on the red carpet.

She added that they have to take care of themselves when they are sick, and when they run out of options, they have to turn to social media begging.

Her justification followed criticism of actors who were accused of begging while they were struggling.

See reactions that trailed her post here

adewwo: “Actors aren’t paid well at all except for the A-List actors! Once you’re not an A-list, forget it! Na manage them they manage…skit makers com even dey feature “actors” for skits.”

official_janecyril: “Some people forgot that actors are human being too. Most of them are not financially bouyant as we thought, they hustle legitimately to get where they are and that’s why some of them begs online when they’re sick . Let us stop judging this people.”

pappythrill: “Packaging dey make fans feel say e dey plenty. Una never understand entertainment business. Na we Dey hear am pass fans. Make I just shut up.”

bigsmart__: “Education is a good radiance to healthy living. Emphasis on how eloquent she sounds and fluent she speaks

realannjay: “Everything she said is 100% true.”

adikwujohn_: “To be rich is one thing. To be financially free is the goal. Diversification and living life on your own terms is underrated. May God give us the wisdom .”

kelvin_goodnews_: “That’s why I always do my thing, watin people go talk no concern me , who nak£d no Dey chuck hand for pocket.”

Watch her speak in video below

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