Adidas Replaces Nike & Signs 3-Year Deal With Al Nassr Despite Cristiano Ronaldo’s $1 Billion Deal

In a massive turn of events, Saudi side Al Nassr has signed an impressive three-year deal with sportswear brand Adidas. The move comes as a big surprise as their skipper Cristiano Ronaldo has an existing $1 billion deal with rival brand Nike. According to reports, the deal between Al Nassr and Adidas starts next season and will be valid until 2027.

Things might have soured between Nike and Cristiano Ronaldo this summer. Despite having a lifetime deal with Nike, fans saw Ronaldo sporting Adidas shin pads during Al-Nassr’s practice game with Celta Vigo. Cristiano has worn customized Nike shin pads throughout his career, so it was surprising to see the player sports goods from a rival brand.

Al Nassr signs massive three-year deal with Adidas

Saudi Pro League side Al Nassr will move under the Adidas umbrella starting next season. The team has reportedly signed a massive three-year deal with the sportswear brand that will kick-start next summer.

According to reports, “The sponsorship contract will be for 3 years with Al Nassr from 2024 to 2027. God willing..”

The team has prominent teams amongst their ranks, like Inter Miami, Real Madrid, and Manchester United, under their resume. The sportswear brand has been expanding at a breakneck pace, and it will be interesting to see how the partnership pans out.

The Portuguese is one of the few players who signed a lifetime contract with Nike, similar to basketball legend Michael Jordan. However, media outlets reported a potential rift between the player and the brand.

Nike allegedly upset with Cristiano Ronaldo

Sportswear brand Nike is reportedly unhappy with the Al Nassr captain following his actions during the team’s pre-season camp earlier this year as he donned the Adidas shin pads. The Portuguese’s deal with Nike prevents him from wearing any product in public made by a different sporting brand.

Cristiano is usually known for wearing custom Nike shin pads with his face on them. The player reportedly conversed with Nike representatives, clarifying his use of a rival’s products following his actions. They stated that the brand was unhappy with the player’s action as they expected more from him considering their long partnership.

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