WATCH: Angry Lionel Messi Shoves Rival As Ugly Brawl Breaks Out at Argentina vs. Uruguay World Cup Qualifiers

Minutes ago, the much-anticipated World Cup qualifier clash between Argentina and Uruguay kicked off. As both sides continued to play the empathic match, an ugly incident unfolded between the two iconic teams. In a shocking turn of events, Lionel Messiwas caught in a heated exchange, visibly displaying his frustration by shoving a rival player.

Meanwhile, today’s match holds much greater significance for the Argentinian superstar. Not only is he playing his last match with his teammate Angel Di Maria in his homeland, but La Pulga is also reuniting with his old pal, Luis Suarez.

Ugly fight breaks between Lionel Messi and rival player during Argentina vs. Uruguay

During the Argentina vs. Uruguay World Cup Qualifiers, a stunning turn of events saw the usually composed Lionel Messi get involved in a heated dispute and show his fury by pushing a rival player. Both onlookers and supporters were drawn in as the heated argument turned into a brutal fight.

The brawl started after Argentina’s Rodrigo De Paul had a heated exchange with Uruguay’s defender Mathias Olivera. Soon, it turned ugly with both pushing each other, forcing other players on the pitch to calm the moment. However, the matter became much graver after Messi came from behind and shoved Olivera by grabbing his neck.

It soon turned into an ugly fight as other Argentina and Uruguay players were pushing each other. Ironically, it has always been the other way around, with De Paul claiming himself as Messi’s bodyguard. But how the tables turned as the skipper now is offering his physical backing to his teammates during a fight. Nevertheless, it has surely been quite an eventful match thus far.

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