How I Was Duped Out Of €200,000 (₦172 million) By A Witch Doctor – Former Footballer Reveals


Gilles Yapi Yapo (pictured above), a former footballer from Ivory Coast, has shared the experience of how he got duped out of €200,000 (about ₦172 million) by a witch doctor.


As reported by Guardian, the footballer shared that when he was going through a difficult period playing for the French side Nantes, his uncle suggested that he should get spiritual help.

When he met the witch doctor, he was told that his family had been cursed, and this curse was stopping his progress and success in life. The witch doctor suggested some sacrifices to break the curses.


Mr Yapo revealed that he stared by sacrificing animals for €500 (about ₦430,000), and the price started to climb. It got to a point where he was paying €40,000 to €60,000 (about ₦40 million – ₦52 million) for sacrifices, as the witch doctor revealed to him that the spirits liked him and wanted to make him rich.

Finally, he shared that when he had no more money to give, the witch doctor asked him to sacrifice his son, and that was when he stopped and never visited the witch doctor again.

He shared that the witch doctors put fear into people, and threaten them if they want to break the relationship.

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