‘That’s why we don’t play well’: Xavi reveals surprise reason behind Barca’s recent misfortunes

'That's why we don't play well': Xavi reveals surprise reason behind Barca's recent misfortunes

“When I talk about what surrounds Barca, I don’t say it for the fans, I say it because of the press,” Xavi told the media after the 2-1 win against Alaves.

“It’s the criticism from the press that affects the players and that’s why we don’t play very well. At half time [against Alaves], I told them to calm down.

“I have no doubt that the criticism from the press affects the team. It happened to me as a player, and I see it now too. There is a negative atmosphere that harms us. Everything that is said in the press affects the players,” he added.

Following the recent results, there is a talk about some sort of ‘crisis’ at Barcelona. Xavi keeps saying the media exaggerate things to harm the team even more.

Barca have won 4 of their last 7 games across all competitions.

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