Serena Williams Shows 6-Year-Old Daughter Olympia

Tennis legend Serena Williams is having the time of her life as the mother of two cute little daughters. The tennis veteran and her husband share a fair portion of their life, be it the professional side or the personal life. Both of them post a lot of pictures on their social media handles about how they spend time together. Quite often, the couple also shares amazing moments between Olympia and Adira too.

Recently, the tennis 42-year-old tennis legend shared a cute video on the internet in which their two daughters shared a heartfelt moment showcasing the love between both of them.

Serena Williams’ elder daughter Olympia shares an adorable moment with Adira

When Williams announced her second pregnancy to her daughter Olympia, she became really happy and ran all across the room to express her joy over the news. It clearly showed how excited she was to be an elder sister. And now that she finally has a younger sibling, nothing else in the world that makes her happier.

Recently, a video went viral in which it can be seen that Adira is sitting with Serena Williams, and Olympia is sitting beside her. And she can be seen coddling her little sister with cute little words and showering her with love. That truly showed how wonderful of a bond the two of them have with each other.

From the looks of it, the two will grow up to be very close, just like their mother Serena Williams, and aunt Venus Williams. The baby sister part of her life has made Olympia very happy. She also shared this happiness a few weeks back with her followers on social media.

Olympia posted a picture of herself with her little sister Adira

A few days after Adira entered the lives of the Williams family, everyone posted about her on their social media handles. And the most adorable post came from Olympia. She posted a photo of herself overwhelmed with joy as she had her baby sister in her lap. She also captioned the post, “My sister and me”.

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