Babachir Lawal reveals name of 3 Tinubu ministers who are competent, says others are not competent

Mr. Babachir Lawal, former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, criticized President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s cabinet, stating that only a small number, around two or three, out of the 46 ministers are capable, while the rest lack competence.

Sahara Reporters stated that in an interview on Arise News Television, Babachir Lawal mentioned that only three ministers—David Umahi (Minister of Work), Mr. Wale Edu (Minister of Finance), and partially Prof. Tahir Mamman (Minister of Education)—are competent, while the others are identified as associates of Tinubu.



Babachir Lawal asserted a long-standing friendship with Bola Ahmed Tinubu and claimed familiarity with Tinubu’s associates. Based on his knowledge of these connections, Lawal suspected who would be appointed to certain positions. When Tinubu unveiled a 46-member cabinet, Lawal recognized only two individuals as competent. He congratulated these two, acknowledging them as suitable for their respective roles, and admitted to considering them well-matched for their responsibilities.

He said, “The first was David Umahi, who is the Minister of Work. Before David Umahi became the governor, he was a civil engineering contractor building roads and buildings. So, I considered him a round peg in a round hole.The second person I thought is a round peg in a round hole is the Minister of Finance, Mr Wale Edu, and I also congratulated him.”

While he was speaking on the capacity of the Minister of Education, Lawal who is from Adamawa state, he said,“On the basis of what he has been doing in the past, the Minister of Education, who is from my state was a Vice Chancellor of a university.He has been in academia all his life but as being a Minister of Education, I do not know, I think he too is a round peg in a round hole.”

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