TOT 1-4 CHE: Two Wrong Decisions Made By The Referee In The Game Last Night.

Chelsea trashed Tottenham 4-1 last night at the Tottenham stadium, and I believe that referee Micheal Oliver made 2 wrong decisions during the game last night. Below are the decision I believe were wrongly made.

1. Awarding Chelsea A Penalty In The First Half.


The referee awarded Chelsea a penalty in the first half of the game last night, and I believe that it was a wrong decision made by him.


The reason why I believe that the referee shouldn’t have awarded Chelsea a penalty is due to the fact that; the scenario which led to the penalty was a 50-50 situation. For that reason I believe that the referee was wrong.

2. Ruling Out Eric Dier’s Goal.

In the second half of the game, Eric Dier’s goal was ruled out for offside, and I believe that it was a wrong decision by the referee again since the ball appeared to have touched a Chelsea player along the way.

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