How Messi won Ballon d’Or over Haaland… see who your country voted

 REVEALED: How Messi won Ballon d’Or over Haaland… see who your country voted

Lionel Messi won a record eighth Men’s Ballon d’Or award on Monday with a total of 462 points, while Haaland came second with 357 points. But from where did the votes come?

According to Fabrizio Romano, a top journalist, here’s how countries voted for the 2023 Ballon d’Or here’s how countries voted for the 2023 Ballon d’Or

South Africa: Messi

Albania: Messi

Algeria: Haaland

Germany: Messi

England: Messi

Saudi Arabia: Messi

Argentina: Messi

Australia: Messi

Armenia: Messi

Austria: Messi

Bahrein: Haaland

Belgium: Messi

Benin: Haaland

Bielorussia: Messi

Bolivia: Messi

Bosnia: Messi

Brazil: Messi

Bulgaria: Mbappé

Cameroon: Mbappé

Canada: Messi

Capo Verde: Haaland

China: Messi

Chile: Messi

Colombia: Messi

Korea: Messi

Costa Rica: Messi

Ivory Coste: Mbappé

Croatia: Messi

Denmark: Haaland

Scotland: Messi

Egypt: Messi

Ireland: Messi

UAE: Messi

Ecuador: Messi

Spain: Messi

USA: Messi

Finland: Messi

France: Haaland

Gabon: Haaland

Wales: Messi

Georgia: Messi

Ghana: Haaland

Greece: Haaland

Guinea: Haaland

Guinea Eq: Messi

Honduras: Messi

Hungary: Messi

India: Messi

Iraq: Messi

Iran: Messi

Northern Ireland: Messi

Iceland: Haaland

Israel: Messi

Italy: Messi

Jamaica: Messi

Japan: Haaland

Giordania: Haaland

Kirghizistan: Haaland

Lebanon: Messi

Luxembourg: Messi

Macedonia: Haaland

Morocco: Messi

Mexico: Messi

Montenegro: Messi

Nigeria: Messi

Norway: Haaland

Oman: Messi

Uganda: Messi

Palestine: Messi

Panama: Messi

Paraguay: Messi

Netherlands: Messi

Perù: Messi

Polonia: Messi

Portugal: Bernardo Silva

Qatar: Messi

Czech Republic: Messi

Romania: Messi

Russia: Messi

Salvador: Haaland

Senegal: Haaland

Slovakia: Haaland

Slovenia: Messi

Sweden: Messi

Switzerland: Haaland

Tunisia: Messi

Turkiye: Messi

Ukraine: Messi

Uruguay: Messi

Venezuela: Messi

Vietnam: Messi

Zambia: Messi

How the voting was conducted was that a jury of 100 journalists were appointed to a jury and presented with a shortlist of 30 players.

The journalists picked based on FIFA’s rankings, meaning one journalist from each of the top 100 ranked nations get a vote.( Some may abstain from voting).

Each journalist was asked to select five candidates from the 30-player shortlist and rank them in order of who they think deserves the award the most. . The first-choice gets six points, second gets four, third three, fourth two and fifth one. Whoever got the most points wins.


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