“I can’t wait” – Couple sets TikTok on fire, shows off bundles of ₦1,000, ₦500, ₦200, and ₦50 sprayed on their wedding night

A newly wedded Nigerian couple garnered the attention of many TikTok users as they displayed bundles of ₦1,000, ₦500, ₦200, and ₦50 sprayed on their wedding night.

In the video, the lady and her husband could be clearly seen on the bed with many Naira notes.

Couple TikTok off bundles of ₦1,000 wedding night
Nigerian lady.

While the husband was partially lying down and holding a sum of money, the lady was seated on the bed with bundles of cash that had already been counted in front of her

Further scenes in the video displayed all the money, including the lady who held one of the bundles to her head in a bid to show off.

Many individuals who came across the video, however, flooded the comment section of the post to share their views.

See some reactions below:

Mimi Onyekwere: “‎I can’t waittttt”

Okeoghene: “‎Na who spray 50 naira.”

Pri |Travelling the world: “‎And that’s on African weddings.”

Vanessa Akos: “‎This was us too everyone was like where are you honeymooning I said in the bank.”

Slamberrry: “‎I just trusted people and they counted everything and gave me.”


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