‘One Reason Why I Won’t Talk About Buhari’s Government Is Because I’m A Participant’ —Rotimi Amaechi

Rotimi Amaechi, former minister of transportation, has stated that he was involved with President Buhari’s administration and, as a result, feels it would be inappropriate or lacking moral authority to publicly criticise a government that he was part of.


In a video posted by Channels Television, Amaechi revealed that his decision to remain silent about the various situations in government was due to a consensus reached within his group.


According to him, “You’ll be shocked that I won’t talk about Buhari’s government for two reasons, and I won’t talk about President Tinubu’s government. One reason why I won’t talk about Buhari’s government is that I’m a participant. In fact, they asked me that question yesterday: What moral reason do you have to criticise Buhari’s government having being part of it? That was the argument. I do if I want to argue it, but again, that was a huge debate amongst us, and we all agreed I should say nothing about the government.”

Watch the video (3:19).


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