Makinde Approves Installation Of Four Obas, 44 Baales In Oyo State

Makinde Reappoints Olayanju As Oyo Amotekun Commandant

Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has reportedly approved the installation of 48 chieftaincy title holders, including three Royal Highnesses, one coronet-wearing Oba, and 44 Baales in various local governments of the state.

The development was confirmed in a statement issued on Friday by the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters, Mr Olusegun Olayiwola.

 the approval was granted by the governor following a memo raised by the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters.

According to Olayiwola, the approval became imperative following the vacancies created in the various stools as they affected each local government as a result of the demise of the previous holders of the respective titles.

He added that the administrative processes of filling the 48 chieftaincy titles had been concluded in accordance with the provision of the Chiefs Law of Oyo State, Cap.28 Section 15 (a&b) and that there was no court case or restraining order on any of the approved chieftaincy titles.

Oyo Kingmakers Drag Gov Makinde To Court Over Alaafin Stool

Meanwhile, five kingmakers in Oyo town, known as the Oyomesi in Council, have taken legal action against Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, regarding the vacant stool of the Alaafin of Oyo.

The claimants have filed a suit marked HOY/38/2023 before the Oyo State High Court seeking an injunction to prevent the governor and his agents from interfering with the selection and appointment process of the candidate for the vacant stool of Alaafin of Oyo Chieftaincy, which was conducted by the kingmakers.

The defendants in the suit include Makinde, the Oyo State Attorney General, and the state’s Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs.

The kingmakers who filed the suit are the Bashorun of Oyo, High Chief Yusuf Layinka; Lagunna of Oyo, High Chief Wakeel Oyedepo; Akinniku of Oyo, High Chief Amusa Yusuf; Areago Bashorun, Chief Wahab Oyetunji; and the Alapo of Oyo, Chief Gbadebo Mufutau.

The kingmakers said they had held a meeting on September 30, 2023, where they unanimously selected Prince Lukuman Gbadegesin as the next Alaafin of Oyo to fill the ancient stool, which has become vacant since April last year, following the passing of Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, who was the 45th Alaafin of Oyo.

The kingmakers are praying the court to restrain the Oyo State Governor and his agents from nullifying the choice of Gbadegesin and “approving or recognising any other candidate” as the next Alaafin “after a duly conducted process for the filling of the vacant stool of Alaafin of Oyo in accordance with the native law, custom and Chieftaincy Declaration of Alaafin of Oyo Chieftaincy.”

The court is being urged by the kingmakers to prohibit the governor and the other defendants from dismissing them as Oyo kingmakers or dissolving the Oyomesi in Council. Additionally, they seek to prevent the appointment or selection of warrant chiefs to initiate a new procedure for filling the vacant stool of Alaafin of Oyo.

Furthermore, the kingmakers request the court to intervene and prevent the defendants from engaging in any form of harassment, disturbance, prevention, or obstruction that would impede the claimants from fulfilling their traditional duties and responsibilities as kingmakers of the Alaafin of Oyo Chieftaincy.

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