Rapper Wiz Khalifa reveals that he’s been sober for 8 months

Rapper Wiz Khalifa reveals that he

American rapper Wiz Khalifa has revealed that he’s been sober for 8 months.


The “Black & Yellow” rapper who just released a new album “Khali Sober,” disclosed this on the “Cuhmunity” podcast. He also stated that he’s got no plans to abandon weed and shrooms.


Khalifa revealed that he was able to quit drinking afterhe stopped taking sips in between takes while recording in the booth. He ultimately decided to stop after the occasional lapse during performance time or family functions.


He tested out being booze-free on the road for the first time ever this past summer when he and Snoop Dogg embarked on their High School Reunion Tour and had everyone getting in shape without worrying about hangovers.


Khalifa added that he’s no alcohol activist and still owns the gin company McQueen and the Violet Fog, which he advised people to drink responsibly.


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