“You are too big for this na” reactions as lady Tiwa savge joins the towel dance challenge

Tiwa Savage’s recent participation in the towel dance challenge has sparked a flurry of reactions, with many exclaiming, “You are too big for this na!” continue Full Reading

The popular Nigerian artist, known for her powerful vocals and captivating performances, surprised fans when she decided to join the viral dance trend. However, rather than being discouraged by the criticism, Tiwa Savage embraced the challenge with her own unique style and flair.

Her infectious energy and confidence quickly won over even the most skeptical onlookers. Despite the initial skepticism, Tiwa Savage’s decision to participate in the towel dance challenge has not only showcased her versatility as an artist but has also served as a reminder that even established figures in the entertainment industry can still find joy in embracing the latest trends and challenges.

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