Kate Henshaw Denounces Her Relationship With Doctor Femi Olaleye For Defiling His Niece

Popular Nollywood Actress, Kate Henshaw reacted over the wicked act of doctor Femi Olaleye on TVC News. According to her, she said she met doctor Femi Olaleye 10 years ago at the symposium for mobile telecommunications company.



She went further to say that she was at the symposium talking about body fitness, while he was talking about health. Actress Kate Henshaw said she became friends with him and supported him because she’s extremely interested with whatever that concerns women.

Furthermore, actress Kate Henshaw also said that she allowed doctor Femi Olaleye to use her image to advocate for women to come for counsel screening, for vaccine and she also raised money for him when he went to the East. She also said she supported Femi Olaleye for 10 years, but one faithful day she asked him about his wife.

According to actress Kate Henshaw, she said doctor Femi Olaleye told her that he was having problems with his wife, and she was sad about the news. Furthermore, Femi Olaleye’s wife disclosed the issue she had with her husband. She told Kate Henshaw how her husband sexually defiled her niece.

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw made a statement saying; “I will not stand by you, I have zero tolerance to sexual abuse”.

Click here and watch from (2:34) minutes.


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