‘No more N60k’ – Airlines announce increase ticket prices for domestic travel ahead of Christmas

According to the Guardian report, the airline operators blame the rising cost of aviation fuel, which now sells for N1,000 per litre, and the naira exchange rate, currently at N1,200/$.

To reflect the changes, domestic airlines have increased airfare by over 100 per cent in major routes.

Checks by shows that less than one hour light now costs more than N100,000 for a one-way ticket.

New ticket prices for airlines

BusinessDay reports that Air Peace has adjusted its Lagos to Abuja ticket prices and now charges between N100,300 and N162,000 one-way tickets from its previous range of 55,000 to N65,000.

Similarly, tickets for the Lagos to Enugu route in the economy flexible category cost N100,300. Prices are even higher for travellers planning to journey from Lagos to Owerri between December 15 and January 5.

Checks show that an economy-flexible one-way ticket, once priced at N50,000, has now increased to N105,000, while a business domestic outbound ticket can go as high as N190,600.

The return journey from Owerri to Lagos in the economy flexible category now costs travellers N133,400. For flights from Lagos to Port Harcourt, a one-way ticket, which used to sell for an average of N60,000, now costs between N105,000 and N133,400, while the economy flexible inbound ticket ranges from N100,300 to N133,400.

Another airline, Dana Air, is asking passengers travelling from Lagos to Abuja in late December to pay N200,000 for an economy flexible ticket and, upon returning in January, pay N250,000 for a business flexible ticket.

An economy-flex ticket for either destination now costs N200,000, while a business-flexible ticket will set travellers back around N250,000.

Despite offering limited flights during December and early January, United Nigeria Airlines is also impacted by increased jet fuel prices. For instance, the only available tickets for flights from Lagos to Abuja, Enugu, and Port Harcourt before December 15 are priced at N100,000.

Nigerians traveling to US, UK, other countries fight for N16 million ticket

A new report has revealed how Nigerians travelling to the US, the United Kingdom and other countries pay a lump sum to get pricey tickets on the same aircraft, reported.

The report said that a business class ticket to the US from Abuja on Ethiopian Airline sells for as much as N15.6 million.

In contrast, passengers in economy class on the same aircraft pay about N1.2 million.

The demand for the N15.6 million ticket is reportedly high but short on supply.

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