The President Must Know That The Path He’s Following In Making Appointments Is Dangerous- Asari Dokubo

A former Niger Delta militant and political figure, Asari Dokubo has revealed why he is not happy with the appointments made so far by his political mentor, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. In a video that was shared on his official Facebook page, he disclosed that the president must realise that the path he is following in making appointments is dangerous.



He stated that the appointments the president has made so far are one-sided and that he needs to realize that Nigeria does not belong to Lagos alone. He made it known that Nigerians voted for the Muslim-Muslim candidacy in the 2023 general elections because they knew what Tinubu was capable of.


In his statement, he said, “The Muslim-Muslim ticket was voted for by Nigerian people because they know who Ahmed Bola Tinubu is, and I didn’t vote for Tinubu because he’s a Muslim; I voted for him because I know what he’s capable of doing. The president must know that the path he’s following in making appointments is dangerous.

“The appointments he’s making are one-sided, Nigeria doesn’t belong to Lagos alone. There should be descending voices, for what should be paramount should be the national interest of Nigerians.”

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