Why Altercation Between Rudiger and Sergio Ramos is Disrespectful to the Real Madrid Legend

Real Madrid played away in the Spanish Laliga against Sevilla and the Los Blancos’ previous undaunting wining run came to an end, as the match ended in a stalemate.

However, in the middle of the match, there was a rift between the Madrid defender, Antonio Rudiger and his contemporary in Sevilla, Sergio Ramos who is a former Real Madrid center-back and the club legend as well.

Looking at this altercation, it is perceived disrespectful as the Spanish international is playing against a club he relish so much for the first time after leaving the club, he should be accorded the respect he deserves by Rudiger.

Ramos during his prime day at Real Madrid command respect and aura with his display and should be held in high regard by the club players especially those who came after him.

Jude Bellingham has been the major player stepping up for Real Madrid in couple of their matches recently but with their latest draw held against Sevilla, it seems the team cannot win if he doesn’t score or assist for them

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