“Pregnancy will humble you” – Slayqueen with radiant look causes stir as she shares new look after getting pregnant

A Nigerian slayqueen has gotten a lot of attention online when she revealed how her physique transformed after becoming pregnant.

The young woman shared her before and after pregnancy video that went viral online, and viewers couldn’t stop talking about it.

At the first look, she looked so radiant and with a smooth skin. Sharing the transformation, she turned dark and rough during her pregnancy.

The video triggered massive reactions as social media users expressed their thoughts.

Watch the video below:

Read some comments below:

@miracleseed4flattummy said, “You diminish. God bless all our mothers”.

@lifah said, “Omg, she is tired of her condition, the look says it all”.

@heleneneoche said, “GOD bless all mothers bcos this is not easy”.

@bolbelle said, “If she wore makeup in the second pregnancy picture, she’d still look like the “before pregnancy” But that first picture scared the sh!t out of me”.

@tife_omo_balogun said, “The fear of pregnancy is the maintenance of beauty”.

@man.down001 said, “Even God nose she tried her best to humble pregnancy”.

@kiingpettyprincess said, “She always looked like that she just used a heavy beauty filter before and contoured her nose sharply ..Idk what’s the point of these videos ?”

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