Thrift seller in tears after finding out N350k bale of okirika she bought was filled with rubbish

A Nigerian lady who sells secondhand garments (called Okirika) has been upset after buying items costing N350k.

The distraught lady was shown in tears in a video published on TikTok with the name, @linda_sugar_annabel, after learning her bundle was not what she expected.

According to reports, she had to pay an additional N20,000 to have the garments delivered to her home.

She stated, “Some people said I’m lying that I bought the bale N350k. Go and check it I even paid extra N20k for the waybill from Lagos to where I am. At the end of the day, it turned out to be rubbish”.

The video drew responses from online users who sympathized with and supported the lady.

They advised her to be more cautious when acquiring thrift clothing and to try purchasing items separately rather than investing in a complete bale.

Read some comments shown below:

Agumba Loveth said, “I was in this mess last month, bought men O short for 300k and it turn up to be nonsense, I didn’t even get up to 100k, is well, I now do picking”.

Rawgold🌹 said, “take heart my sister mine is worst I browed money to start a boutique business is not up to 3day thief broke into my shop and packed all the goods😭😭”.

Shelly said, “Go on Alibaba and look for a vendor who is verified. That’s where I got mine”.

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