Davido surprises wife Chioma with lavish mansion as push gift

Nigerian artiste Davido. FILE PHOTO | NATION

Nigerian music sensation Davido has presented his wife, Chioma, with a stunning mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, as a push gift to celebrate the arrival of their twin babies, a boy and a girl.

Reports from Nigerian bloggers have revealed that Davido made the grand purchase several months ahead of the twins’ birth, choosing to keep it a well-guarded secret until Chioma’s discharge from the hospital.

The luxurious mansion, located in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, is said to be a spacious and opulent abode befitting the young family’s burgeoning household.

The twins, have been named Taiwo and Kehinde David.

Chioma, in particular, is expected to find respite and comfort in their new home as she recovers from the recent delivery.

Davido’s choice of a push gift, a mansion reportedly valued at a staggering $900,000 USD (KSh 133,011,810.00), demonstrates the artist’s dedication and love for his wife and their growing family.

“Davido has bought his wife Chioma a mansion in Atlanta Georgia for her and their twin babies. Chioma will be recovering from there before she returns to Nigeria.”

The arrival of these twins brings renewed happiness to the couple who tragically lost their son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, last year in a heartbreaking incident.

Ifeanyi lost his life in a pool at their Lagos residence, while Davido and Chioma were not at home.

A push gift, sometimes referred to as a “push present” or “baby bauble,” is a gift that a partner gives to a new mother, typically shortly after she has given birth, to celebrate the arrival of a new baby and to acknowledge the physical and emotional effort she has put into childbirth.

The term “push” comes from the idea of “pushing” during labor and delivery.

Push gifts can vary widely in terms of their value and significance.

They can range from small, sentimental tokens to more substantial gifts like jewelry, a vacation, or other items the mother may desire.

The idea behind a push gift is to express appreciation and love for the new mother and to mark the milestone of becoming a parent.

It’s a way to recognize and honor the mother’s hard work and the challenges she may have faced during pregnancy and childbirth.

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