Daughter Receives Constant Credit Alerts From Investment Dad Made Before He Died


A Nigerian lady, @victoria_bellls, has gone online to showed why her father’s effort in her life needs to be praised.

Jumping on a thread on Twitter (X), the lady said her father is always “active” in her life “even in death.”

Trust fund in Nigeria/Man took care of family.

Man created trust fund for child

She attached two screenshots of credit alerts from a trust fund her father must have set up for her.

One had N300k credit alert, and another had N1.5m. Many people were wowed by the life her parent had planned for her.

See her post below:

some of the reactions below:

@isoaniekan said:

“Investment is working. Generational wealth is giving. Enjoy.”

@victorCsylvanus said:

“Trust fund kids dey choke us oo.”

@tontebriggs said:

“A good man…left an inheritance for you and yours.”

@HarleyAdejuwon said:

“The day I will confirm 1m naira for my account…I go sleep through out that day.”

@ChimesEvanO said:

“See as I de smile like say na me get the CR alert.”

@Numberonesensei said:

“And your dm is about to get noisy with please I need please I’m this and that.”

@BugattiErnest said:

“This gonna keep your dm with heavy traffic rn.”

@psirmie17 said:

“Imagine this person living and enjoying their life to the fullest with a touch of hardwork and someone who still give their parent and siblings allowance tries to copy them. You just have to live this life on your own terms.”

@NgehAmosT said:

“This is just show off, I like it.”

@leah198082 said:

“May God continue to bless our active daddies.”

@Antone401 said:

“The only proof of a present father is money. Ah That means it’s true oh. Men are only loved based on what they can provide.”

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