How We Lured A Hotel Owner To Sleep With Us, Tied Him In A Room And Killed Him Using Pillow — Lady

The Nigerian Police Force have arrested two female Polytechnic students for allegedly killing a nightclub owner after they succeeded in luring him to sleep with them. According to a video shared by the official page of Nigerian Police Force on Twitter, the suspects, Joseph Joy Adanma and Vandora Oreoluwa Favour, said they tied Mr. Adeniyi Ojo, stole his phones and other belongings, and killed him.

Adanma narrated that the deceased wanted to sleep with her alone but she invited her friend, Favour, who assisted her in killing him. She said the initial idea was to sleep with him in his car and steal his money but when they discovered that there was no money in the car, they moved to a room where they tied him and killed him.

She said they didn’t know that the hotel owner was dead when they left with his phones and money. They thought he was pretending to be asleep.

Watch the video here.



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