“Don’t look for me” – Lady tells her mum she’s not coming home, needs to spend 2 days with boyfriend

A video featuring a young lady pranking her mum, pretending to stay at her boyfriend’s place for two days, has gone viral on social media.

The video offers a humorous glimpse into her interactions with her African mother.

Don't look for me" - Lady tells her mum she's not coming home, needs to spend 2 days with boyfriend, she reacts

In the video, @favourr_r initiates the prank by sending a message to her mother, informing her that she won’t be returning home as planned and will instead be staying with her boyfriend.

POV: I Pranked my African Mum that I’m going to stay with my boyfriend for two days,” the video caption read.

The prank message was met with a delightful and sarcastic response from her mother, who seemed to be in on the joke.

Her mum responded;

“I laugh, you are not at home. You just want to tell me that I will see you tomorrow or next tomorrow. Okay oh. Make it till next week or next month. I’m not even waiting for you. No problem, Alright oh.” 


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