Skit Maker Ashmusy Shares Interior of N3.5bn Mansion With Lavish Furniture, Cinema, Other Details

    • The interior of a N3.5bn mansion got skit maker Ashmusy gushing and lamenting about her financial status.


Sighting a wealthy man on the road, she asked him how much his house cost, and he offered to take her on a tour.

Skit maker Ashmusy in the N3.5bn mansion

The entrance of the white mansion already gave an idea of what to expect, and the elegance and luxurious feel blew away the skit maker.

The house boasts beautifully carved staircases, expensive furniture, different rooms furnished to taste, kitchens, a grand piano, and a luxuriously spread master bedroom, among other details.

The exterior of the house boasts a large swimming pool and an outdoor relaxing area with a garage.

Watch the video below:

Netizens react to Ashmusy’s video

The video shared by Ashmusy got people guessing the owner of the mansion and thinking about their financial status.

Read comments below:


“Say after me: I will never be poor In my life!!”


“Even if na juju this guy use bro am happy for you cose why not?”


“The funny thing about this is that the house belong to a woman. Her name is Ehi, Ehi na man you be you be.”


“Side chick fit dey this house one year main chic no go know.”


“Who else noticed it’s only the wife’s picture that is in the wall. So sweet “


“The house too dey crowded of stuffs no hate na fine house but too crowded you know what I mean “


“Even the cloud outside the house different from the one in my area.”


“Wealth is quiet, rich is loud, broke is flashy and noisy.”


“Na this kind house them dey call land of the living…men dey oo.”


“After watching this video. My blood is not flowing again☺️. I will never be poor “

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