“I used to sell smoke for Lati” Father DMW recounts how he met Davido

Father DMW recently made a surprise admission in which he shared a contentious account of how he met Davido, a well-known superstar.

He admitted that they had met when Davido was still a dealer of “smoke” back then.

In a recent live video, he talked openly about how his first encounter with Davido was anything but typical. Father DMW was involved in providing “smoke” to individuals before he became well-known. His primary responsibility was to provide these drugs to Lati, a trusted friend of Davido.

Father DMW continued by saying that what at first started as regular delivery to Lati quickly took a better turn. Father DMW received offers from Lati to come over and visit.

his change marked the beginning of Father DMW’s gradual integration into the inner circle of Davido’s close friends and associates, ultimately leading to his first encounter with the music sensation himself.

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