“DNA Test”: Mohbad’s father finally breaks silence, shares his stand about grandson Liam

Mohbad’s father has finally shared his position about the trending issue of a DNA test for his grandson, Liam Aloba.

During an interview with BBC Pidgin, Mohbad’s dad adressed the issue which has been on the lips of Nigerians for some weeks now.

In his reaction to the entire saga, he noted that the questions about a DNA test being done for his grandson has now become a general problem, with the whole of Nigeria talking about it.

He added that the right thing should be done at the right time concerning the DNA.

In his words: “This thing has become a majority thing, not only Nigeria. So they should do the proper thing at the proper time.”

Speaking further, the grieving father also recounted how he considered his son as a friend and how they used to relate like brothers.

According to him, his son was someone who always wanted to follow in his footsteps because he knew him as a musician, and he used to dance or be his backup singer at events.

He added that Mohbad was his reason for having more than one wife. According to him, he had to marry someone else after the singer’s mother left him.

See the full video below:

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