Paul Pogba ‘calls for counter analysis’ after testing positive for testosterone as he faces a ban of up to 4-years if found guilty of intentional doping

Juventus midfielder, Paul Pogba has called for counter analysis on the test that came back positive for doping.


Paul Pogba

The France football star is facing a ban of up to four years after a sample tested positive for testosterone after his club’s Serie A fixture against Udinese on August 20, a game in which he did not play.

Pogba had until Thursday to call for a retest on the sample, with the failed test initially emerging on Monday, September 11.

The analysis process will take another seven days, but if it comes back positive once again, the prosecution process will start and could result in dismissal, plea bargaining, or a trial before a tribunal, according to Sky.


‘We are waiting for the counter analysis and until then we can’t say anything,’ Pogba’s representative Rafael Pimenta said in a statement to Sky Sports News.


‘The certain thing is that Paul Pogba never wanted to break the rules.’


For testing, WADA dictates that athletes divide their urine into two distinct bottles, with one used for the initial test and the second for a possible follow-up analysis.


The player’s future at Juventus is yet unclear, with the Turin-based outfit thought to be prepared to suspend the 30-year-old’s wages should proceedings against him begin following a positive result.


Should Pogba receive a ban after the counter-analysis, his contract with the Serie A giants could be terminated.


Since his return to Turin, Pogba has played just 12 games, struggling with a number of injuries after rejoining from Man United.

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