Cute Abiola fumes as ‘Ikorodu boys’ block his exit from Mohbad burial’s venue despite 200K settlement

Cute Abiola fumes as ‘Ikorodu boys’ block his exit from Mohbad burial’s venue despite 200K settlement – VIDEO


Nigerian comedian and film producer, Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin, popularly known as Cute Abiola, found himself embroiled in a fiery clash with Area boys during the funeral proceedings of the late singer Mohbad.

Today, on September 13, Mohbad was laid to rest in Ikorodu,, Lagos State, marking the final chapter of the 27-year-old singer and songwriter’s life. His tragic passing on Tuesday, September 12, has generated conflicting reports regarding the cause of death.

Skit-makers Cute Abiola and OGB, along with the international show promoter Kogbagidi, were among the select few celebrities who graced this somber occasion.

In a video that circulated online, Cute Abiola, accompanied by Kogbagidi and OGB, shared his personal experiences with the late singer, praising his remarkable talent and personality as they bid a heartfelt farewell to the gifted rapper and singer.


On his way out of the location, Cute Abiola encountered a group of Ikorodu residents who halted his car and demanded a financial settlement before allowing him to leave.

Cute Abiola took to his Instagram page, went live, and was captured inside his car engaged in a heated exchange with the local toughs who were requesting additional funds from him, even after he had already given them 200k.

The comedian explained that he went live because he felt unsafe around them, emphasizing how uncomfortable he was with the way they were staring at him.

He firmly states that he won’t end the live video until he’s assured of his safety. Despite offering extra money, the Area boys persisted in hitting his car, demanded for money.

In a fit of rage, Cute Abiola, seemingly eager to make it to his appointment, abandoned his car on the street and opted to use a motorcycle to leave the location.


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