Nurse Who Used to Earn N20k in Nigeria Travels to UK, Gets Bigger Pay

A Nigerian lady earning so little as a nurse in Nigeria relocated to the UK and her salary increased.

The lady said her first salary as a nurse in Ibadan was N20k per month. After losing a N45k employment while job hunting in Lagos, she suffered.

Nurse salary in UK vs Nigeria

The nurse (@proudnursemj) later got a job of N75k salary in VI, but transportation costs ate much into her income.

Her situation slightly improved years later as she earned N108k on the same island. This was close to when she later relocated to the UK in 2019.

NHS nurse salary scale

The Nigerian lady started her nursing career as a band 5 NHS nurse before she was promoted to band 7 theatre manager.

A check on the internet showed an entry-level NHS Band 7 nurse earns £43,742 (N43,047,018.36) annually. Calling herself a manager, she could be earning between £45,996 (N45,265,206.35) and £50,056 (N49,260,700.26), which are for “Intermediate step point” and “top step point”.

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