Casemiro says his name has been spelt wrong his whole career

Brazil captain Casemiro has revealed that his name has been spelled wrong his whole career.

The Manchester United midfield said he only kept it that way because he is incredibly superstitious.

“So the thing is, my name is Carlos Henrique Casimiro, with an “I” there,” he told Football Focus.

“I remember that I played a game for Sao Paulo and the club got my name wrong. They wrote it with an “E”. I played really well in that game and as I’m a superstitious person, I said to them: “Just leave it like that, as things are going well!

“So the name stuck, but my name is Carlos Henrique Casimiro. It was a mistake made in one game, the name stuck and I said: “No need to change it, leave it as it is”‘.

Casemiro signed for Man United from Real Madrid in August last year and has been a vital part in Erik Ten Hag’s midfield since then.

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