Man discovers awful truth after sleeping with girlfriend sister

A 24-year-old man called Trevor Chizanga tragically took his own life at his lover’s rented home in Whitehouse on Monday, in a shocking occurrence that took place. In his suicide letter, Trevor accused Shuvai Rutombo, the sister of his lover, of seducing him into a sexual relationship after ingesting rat poison.

Maria, Trevor’s lover, was away on vacation when the awful incident took place. Despite the fact that the three of them were sleeping in the same bed, it seemed that Trevor and Shuvai had given in to their cravings and established a “xu” relationship. When Shuvai told Trevor that Maria was spending her holiday with a married guy, the situation changed.

A close source said that Trevor was genuinely in love with Maria and that he had even bought furniture for her home. The truth about Maria’s treachery devastated him, and he felt betrayed by Shuvai’s acts. Trevor allegedly received a demand for money from Shuvai, threatening to tell her sister about their relationship.

The insider added that Shuvai intended to separate Trevor and Maria by revealing their secret. However, Trevor was unable to endure the pain and blamed Shuvai for his decision to take his own life in his suicide note. The manipulation of his wealth and Maria’s treachery left him in a state of emotional distress.

Ophias Chizanga, Trevor’s father, confirmed the authenticity of the suicide note but referred questions to Maria and the police for more information. When asked for remark, Maria declared her love for Trevor but was unable to explain the circumstances around his extreme behavior.


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