‘I am under orders not to play him’ — Pochettino

'I am under orders not to play him' -- Pochettino

Chelsea manager, Mauricio Pochettino has clarified the situation he is facing regarding a specific Chelsea star who is currently at odds with the club’s hierarchy since taking charge of the Blues.

Following a dramatic summer transfer window, Mauricio Pochettino has opened up on the situation between Chelsea and Romelu Lukaku, and where he fits into the mix in the triangle.

According to the Argentine, he is under specific orders to act differently as regards the Belgium, confirming the reports that he is yet to have a word with the striker since coming in as Chelsea boss.

The former Paris Saint-Germain boss was quoted as saying:

“The situation with the player you are asking, is a situation that was already really clear before we arrived here. There was a wish between the club and the player to try to find a solution.

‌”At the moment we are relaxed and nothing happened. If something changes we will inform you. If the player and club’s wish is to find a solution, it’s not me, it’s them.

‌”In that case, the player and the club will meet and inform me that things have changed. I’m not going to move until the club or the player wants to talk with me. I am here, I accept the situation that was here when I arrived.”

Romelu Lukaku so far stands at an odd situation at Chelsea, with the Belgian having rejected a move to Saudi Arabia, and a move to Juventus stalling as the Old Ladies are only willing to part away with £35 million for the 30-year-old.

As for his former side Inter Milan, both parties have left negotiations on rocky terms, with Inter not ready to pay his wages.

Pochettino however remains coy on the future for Romelu Lukaku, as he prefers not rule out anything as regards the former Inter Milan star making a return to the team.

“The future can change things. Life can change,” he added.

‌”That is the same situation. In football, the dynamic is fast and changes and we need to move on. Today, nothing has changed. If something changes we will adapt to the situation.” Pochettino said.


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