Portable Reveals Past Life As A Bricklayer, Why He Declined Role In ‘Jagun Jagun’ Movie

Renowned and polarizing street-pop sensation, Portable, has ignited an online uproar following a recent revelation on his social media page concerning Femi Adebayo’s movie, “Jagun Jagun.” In the now-viral video clip, Portable candidly expressed his lack of enthusiasm for the movie, citing its focus on conflict, warfare, and a dearth of wealth-oriented themes.

The “Zazu” hitmaker further elaborated on his decision not to appear in “Jagun Jagun,” revealing that his unique brand of voodoo is tailored exclusively for financial prosperity and not suited for combat. Within the trending video, Portable also disclosed a hitherto unknown aspect of his life. He divulged that he once toiled as a bricklayer at the very location now housing his establishment, Odogwu Bar.

The video’s rapid dissemination has sparked fervent discussions and impassioned reactions across online platforms. The charismatic artiste’s unfiltered opinions continue to stoke the flames of debate within his vast and devoted online community.

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