FIFA Women’s World Cup: What Luis Rubiales said after mouth-to-mouth kiss with Jennifer

Spanish Football Federation president, Luis Rubiales, has joked about kissing striker Jennifer Hermoso

The Women’s World Cup medal ceremony was overshadowed by controversy after the football chief was seen kissing Hermoso on the lips.

La Roja beat England 1-0 in Sunday’s final to lift the trophy with Olga Carmona’ first-half strike.

Rubiales was a little too familiar with many of the players during the medal presentation.

He was busy hugging, kissing them on the cheek and even lifting some players off the ground.

However, it was his embrace with Hermoso that really raised eyebrows.

Rubiales first hugged the 33-year-old striker before grabbing her by the head and then planted a kiss on her lips.

Following a massive backlash on social media, Hermoso came out to say in an Instagram live, “Eh, but I didn’t like it.”

And as the celebrations went on in the dressing room, the Spanish players were trying to convince their football chief to reward them with a holiday for winning the World Cup.

He finally relented, saying they would go to Ibiza.

And while the players chanted “Ibiza! Ibiza!” Rubiales then made reference to his kiss with Hermoso.

He told the squad, “In Ibiza we will celebrate the wedding of Jenni and Luis Rubiales,” and burst out laughing.

Hermoso herself was also captured laughing


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