Lady who Experienced Swelling in Her Body Finds Out Close Friend was Responsible

A woman identified as @ladytee_thuliehas shared a TikTok video documenting her experience with sudden swelling in her head, eyes, and hands.

According to Ladytee, the ordeal began with an intense itching sensation on her scalp, which she initially attributed to her hairstyle.

Lady discovers friend was responsible for her illness

Concerned about the worsening swelling, the next morning, she decided to remove her hair.

Ladytee’s condition worsened as days passed

However, instead of relief, her eyes started to swell as well, leading some people to mistakenly assume she was a victim of gender-based violence.

As the swelling continued to spread to her hands, she sought medical consultation to uncover the cause of her distressing symptoms.

To her shock, she was informed that someone very close and dear to her was responsible for her condition.

A helpful lady informed her that she intended to either die or lose her sanity.

Expressing gratitude for her early realisation of the situation, Ladytee stated that she began to recover gradually.

She said;

“My head started itching thought it was my hairstyle, so decided to unplait. The swelling got worse in the morning so I decided to cut my hair, My eyes started swelling, people thought I was a victim of GBV. Then my hands started, and I went to consult.

“Shockingly, was told it’s someone very close and dear to me that did it to me, The lady helped me and told me that, I was meant to either die or go mad. Thank God I stood up early. Baby girl was getting better.”

Reactions as lady narrates how close friend tried to end her life

Although the identity of the culprit was not disclosed, the woman’s TikTok video has served as a chilling reminder of the potential dangers lurking within personal relationships.

@HerRoyalHighness reacted:

“I looked the exact same way when I had my allergic reaction to hair dye.”

@Chantal’s Anatomy said:

“It’s an allergic reaction to something you ate or came in contact with.”

@t.tumzzz reacted:

“My mom is currently experiencing this and I can’t stop praying, they also told her the very same thing that they told you!”

@Zinhle Pretty Sibisi commented:

“This looks like an allergic reaction to something, you need to do an allergy test cos it will happen again, you will forever be consulting.”

@SHAMMY said:

“Remember when my sister and I went to a well known healer to have a good laugh, she is allergic to fish and they said USHAYWE amadlozi.

@Thato Mohapeloa said:

“Looks like allergy reaction. It could be food, pollen, pet, mold, latex or medicaton allergies.”

@Mbhali Olifant reacted:

“I kept saying haaibo with every picture, i’m glad you’ve healed babe.”

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